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"Dear Roumena, I have viewed, listened and checked your recordings, I find them simply magnificent and I had the satisfaction of showing them to my wife too, as happy as I am. At the moment I will stop here, tomorrow I will write to you again, now I would like to take the recording to friends and colleagues of our Group, and not only: Thank you so much, at the moment, Roumena, You made me happy."

"My / our friend Roumena Georgieva, internationally renowned violinist and passionate about my music, just sent me this videomusical with the performance of my composition ′′ JEUNESSE 1 ", for violin and piano duo. On the piano, pianist Diliana Slavova. Thank you Roumena, wonderful execution, you made me happy. M ° Vito Arena"

"My friend Roumena Georgieva, internationally renowened violinist and passionate about my music, just sent me this video-music video with the performance of my composition "JEUNESSE 1", for violin and piano duo. Excellent performance of Roumena and pianist Diliana Slavova. Thank you my kind friends, magnify your interpretation. I am deeply honored and grateful."

"This is my second composition for Duo violin and pinao, "REUM IUVENILIUM FRAGMENT", performed by two magnificent internationally renowned performers" Violinist Roumena Georgieva and pianist Diliena Slalova from Atlanta (Georgia - USA). As the title says, these are simple musical ideas, defined only recently. Their masterful and passionate interpretation has really brought me, old man now, to some serene and full dreams of my early youth. Thank you dear and very good friends, I'm honored and grateful."

Maestro Vito Arena, Italian Composer and Pianist

"Roumena is one of the most passionate, virtuoso violinists, remarkable in her performances with both Symphony and Chamber Ensembles.
I have excellent opinion about her playing firstly as an instrumentalist and secondly about her attitude to the profession, which is not at all insignificant."


Maestro Vasil Kazandjiev
Conductor of the National Radio Symphony Orchestra

Sofia, Bulgaria

"I had the pleasure to participate with the String Ensemble at the concert of Roumena Georgieva. She played extremely virtuosically the rarely performed concert for violin and string orchestra by Saint George de Chevalier.
Roumena was able to express the beauty of the music with unique sound, passion and brilliant technique. It was a night of wonderful style and mastery."



The concert ”Musical Promenade” presented the ”packet” of qualities of violinist Roumena Georgieva. Exclusive style, showing the difference between the compositions from Baroque till 20th Century, extreme bow mastery, beautiful sound and brilliant technique. What a performance!


"Some concerts are so special even for us - the professional musicians. I am talking about the Chamber Recital of Roumena Georgieva at Emory University. All three sonatas for violin and piano by J.Brahms, performed in one concert! The style, the expression, the passion were so powerful!
I think if J.Brahms could listen to Roumena’s performance, he will be very pleased!"


"I am always curious about the quality of the contemporary composers. Maybe deep inside, I am expecting dissonance, rough sounds and absence of melody.
After the concert of Roumena Georgieva with the works of contemporary American and Bulgarian composers, I was pleasantly surprised.
The compositions were powerful, scented with fork melodies and interesting motives.
Because of the mastery of performer - the violinist Roumena Georgieva, I could understand and like these contemporary works.
I am sure - only master can express the passion and meaning of the music so beautifully!"



Thank you for participating in "Unity through Diversity: A Global Spiritual Gathering", Hillside's annual Interfaith/Intercultural Celebration. Your playing of "Capricio No.10" by Hristoskov was exhilarating! We appreciate your adding the beauty and power of classical, Bulgarian music to the gathering... Participants and the audience alike were complimentary about the richness and value of the service. With your loving support, it was a phenomenal success... What a great experience... May you have continued and expanded prosperity in your endeavors. Together, may we continue to foster unity through out respective faiths and cultures, connecting all humankind."


Marian M. Gamble


Hillside International Truth Center, Inc.


"You know you're on the way to becoming a virtuoso when your Professor has written a book about training and gives you lessons in these techniques... They are helping tremendously!"


Michael English

Class of 2014

Morehouse College


"I did not think how important is the role of the instrumentalists in opera performance, until the moment Roumena joined our opera group.
Her beautiful sound, expressive style and musicality were an inspiration for us.
I am proud to perform with so talented violinist!"


Dear Cast Members:
What a fabulous premiere performance of Three Dream Portrait because of an extraordinary cast, talented project artistic directors, dedicated production crew, artistic musicians and a sense of total ensemble form everyone.
I thank you from the standpoint of being the composer – I cannot tell you the joy that one experiences from hearing notes on a page transform into a beautiful work on the stage. I also thank you as the conductor of the work and how artistic you were as musicians and how convincing you were as actors. Thank you for doing your part so well.
Let me offer you this honorarium and I must say that it is not what you deserve but all the company has at this time. You have helped me produce twelve works over eleven years and I am simply overwhelmed to say the least. It is now time to pursue other venues, other media, and other events – that will perhaps yield greater income for everyone.
God bless you and your continued artistic endeavors.
Dr. Georgieva,
Your musical hands on the violin are so beautiful - words cannot describe!

Dr. J. Willis, Americolor Opera Alliance

"The public is invited to attend a free very special concert this Sunday evening with three of Atlanta's most renowned musicians- Roumena Georgieva violin, Phillip Skerrett Jr. piano and Phillip Rogers bass-baritone. The concert will take place at First Presbyterian Church at Covington.
According to Ms.Alice Walker, the organizer of the event "We are just excited about having this quality of musicians to play for us".


Rachel Oswald
Covington News


Dr. Willis, I wanted to let you know that your staff acquitted itself admirably [this afternoon].  Dr. Georgieva really plays at a very high professional level, and Maestro Skerrett is sensationally musical.  As you know, the violin is a wretched instrument in some respects, at least for the performer, who must spend all of every performance tuning each note as it is played. Even the very greatest “name” performers can have intonation problems, but Georgieva’s technique is simply phenomenal in this regard, her intonation impeccable... Skerrett’s phrasing is at once modest and very deeply musical: he feels no need for ostentation, which makes him a very affecting performer. In any case, they played one early Beethoven violin sonata (Op. 12, no. 3) and the two name sonatas, the “Spring” and the “Kreutzer,” and they really did an excellent job."


Dr. David Gable

Department of Music

Clark Atlanta University

"Dr. Georgieva,


Thank you for a wonderful and life-enhancing course on Violin appreciation. Cathy and I attended concerts on this past Friday and Saturday and your instruction enabled us to better focus on what the violins (and cello) were doing. 


Friday was a “Valentine’s Day Concert of Russian Love Songs” by the Russian Chamber Art Society held at the French Embassy. Rafael Javadov on violin, Genadi Zagor on piano, and Susana Poretsky as mezzo-soprano. They played about 20 famous Russian folk songs. Not much to say musically except that the violinist (really a fiddle) played a lot of long-lasting vibrato. Afterwards I asked him if that was a characteristic of folk songs and he replied that that was just his style. Because of where I was sitting I could not see the violinists hand position so I cannot even begin to speak to his hand style. 


Saturday night was a lot more interesting. The Phaeton Piano Trio performed at someone’s home. We got there early and had front row seats which meant we were about five feet from the performers. Friedemann Eichhorn on violin, Peter Horn on violoncello, and Florian Uhlig on piano. They played Beethoven’s Piano Trio in D Major (“Ghost”), Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D minor, Opus 49, and Dvorak’s Piano Trio in E minor (“Dumky”). During the first piece the violinist’s shoulder piece broke. Until your class we didn’t know that such a object existed. I cannot honestly say whether they were using the Alexander technique (Cathy says “yes” but I said “no”) but we were able to pay a lot more attention to the fingering, bow placement, and clarity of the notes. This enabled us to pay a lot more attention to the music being played by each instrument and how they spoke and related to each other. The upshot, your class increased our appreciation of music 100 fold and that we’re very grateful."


Bill & Cathy Pastor

OLLI Violin Virtuoso grads, February 2020


"Thank you for providing musical inspiration at Hillside on July 21, 2013 with Mendelssohn's "Violin Sonata in F Minor. As you know, classical music is not a regular part o our service but is always welcome. the congregation loved your musical excellence! We are grateful. It was a joy to have you bless us and we thank you for your presence and your graciousness. We look forward to hearing you again in the future.


Marian M. Gamble


Hillside International Truth Center, Inc.

Student Reviews and Commendations

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